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Who We Are

Changzhou Ruijie New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern professional plastic packaging products manufacturer, based on reliable quality assurance system, leading technology development and perfect service idea, Ruijie has become one of the best known suppliers in the industry. Our customer list covers the most famous international brands in the industries where our products are applied, including Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, BP, Total in lubricant industry and Henkel, Nippon Paint, Dulux in paint and adhesive industry.

Ruijie is more than a product and service provider, what makes Ruijie wins good reputation among the customers are the value-added initiatives, continuous improvement and complete solutions brought for its customers, that also make Ruijie awarded as the best supplier by the international companies such as Shell, Chevron and Total.

We believe that cooperation, integrity and business reputation make us provide our customers with innovative and professional products; our responsibility is to build up stable, strong and long-term cooperation relationship with our customers, so we can provide them with the products and services comply with or even beyond their expectation.

Company Technology

Ruijie has a nationwide technical support center, which has the capability of presenting excellent design, conducting inspection and optimization, committed to meet customer’s requirements to the diversity in products and function. We are never complacent, so we continuously improve our capability to explore better research and development technology and up to date function requirement, we use professional technology to make innovation in production and processing control, improve the performance of products and develop new function to satisfy the requirements of customers.

* Provide packaging solution and service.
* Apply innovative material and processing to save costs and time of development for customers.
* Design and verify new function of products
* Provide overall support and solution of improvement for customer’s packaging
* Be committed to the stability and continuity of the quality of products.

We pursue the most critical design standard and requirement, provide most professional technical support, the perfect combination of technology, quality and service is the reason why Ruijie is trusted in long term by customers.

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