We are never satisfied with our current products and technology, and havef been contatly seeking for forward-looking packaging solutions, Ruijie makes inovation in packaging with its unique technology to develop more user friendly,safer and more function products,Ruijie takes it as its mission to develop leading-edge products and technology to meet the demands of the market.

Anti counterfeit function

Anti-counterfeit packaging can efficiently help customers promote marketing, greatly reduce the spoil from counterfeit products, maintain reputation of customer’s brands in the market.
Relying on its technology center, Ruijie is committed to develop multiple structures of anti-counterfeit products, supplying more value added products for customers.

Function lids

Plastic pails have wide applications, corresponding to different contents for different requirements, in order to meet the requirement of protection and others, Ruijie designed and developed various products with different functions:
Easy open lids: Easy to open, no tools are needed.
Color matching lids: Color matching spout can be opened and sealed independently and repeatedly where colorant can be injected, vibration and color matching operation are convenient.

Built-in technology

Built-in technology can solve the problem of sealing existed in supersonic welding, adn makes the lids nice looking.

Since the processing is more complicated, it can be an option of anti-counterfei.

Ventilation lids

For oxygen consuming and vapor generating products, these products can lower or increase the pressure inside the container and form the pressure difference between inside and outside,which will cause container bumped or debossed, it might cause safety problem in transportation, ventilation lids installed with breather,air can be exchanged between inside and outside, pressure can be balanced, thus make it safer.


We are capable to meet customer’s requirement to the decoration,coloring and certification, Ruijie is a cutomer oriented company and familiar with the requirement from different industries.


Printing is a decoration procession to the surface of pails, sorted by different processing, they can be defined as screen printing, heat transfer printing and offset printing.
Printed patterns are clear and fidelity to meet all kinds of requirement. Appearance is beatified by printing, different packaging styles are formed to present the features of products, make products more attractive.


Colour is the most important part of the packaging, professional colour selections can greatly promote the image of products and obtain remarkable marketing results.
Ruijie is capable to provide effective colour matching service, peronalzied colour, enviroment friendly material and super texture.
We can provide professional advice and fast colour matching service.


Plasitc containers have wide appications, there are different requirement from different industries and contents, for instance, the requirement for UN certification, QS certification, certificate for export inspection, heavy metal restriction etc., thus professional design, corresponding products,certifications and technica supporting are needed to meet these various requirements.
Ruijie has obtained these certificates and licences, provides professinal service and supporting.

Food packaging

There are special requirements from food industry, professinal containers are needed to ensure the safety of food, Ruijie has passed strict certification inspection and obtained QS certificate to provide safe containers for food industry.


The unique understanding to the industry contributes Ruijie’s high spped growth, we are committed to provide customers with long term stable quality and service, provide strong support to value added service,good reputation of Ruijie’s brand are well recognized in lubricant,painting,chemistry,food and organic silicon industries. We are fully convinced that Ruijie will be the leader in market segments.

Luburicant industry

Ruijie’s plastic packaging products(blow molding and injection molding)are wide applied in lubricant industry, we well undertand its requirements to the packaging during filling, strorage,logistics, as well as the requirements from end cutomers, we make prompt response to the change in the market,provide products and severice suitable for the market and make you leading the market.
The performance of sealing,stacking,dropping and loading of Ruijie’s products are far beyond the standard, the excelent quality makes Ruijie leading lubricant industry, Ruijie is selected by lubricant top 5 international brands as their partner, as well as other international lubricant main players.

Chemistry industry

There various products in chemical industry including paint, adhesive and disinfectant etc., various requirements to the packaging is the characteristic of the industry, besides the certification needed, Ruijie is capable to design and produce the products according to the different protective requirements, marketing requirements and other special requirements from customers.

Food industry

Ruijie passed strict certification of food industry and obtained QS certificate, all material meets relevant requirements, we provide safe containers for food industry.

Household chemicals industry

Various types of containers are applied in household chemicals industy to meet various requirements, according to the characteristics of the industry, Ruijie provides full scale and professional suport covering product design and function of closure to meet the demands from the market.